SUNETICS Low Level Laser Therapy effects by stimulating the hair follicles, heals them and urges them to regrow into thicker, normal sized hairs and make the hairs’ roots stronger. When the laser applies to the scalp, it is absorbed by follicles and after a few months the exposed follicles begin to heal and strong and grow full size hairs. Low level laser energy reduces or prevents the hair loss process or even reverse it. STEPS OF IMPROVEMENTS

  • In first stage of treatments a serious reduction happens in excessive hair loss and stabilizes the hairs.
  • In second stage , all the existing hair gets Thicker, Fuller, Stronger, shinier and healthier as the follicle starts to heal
  • In the last stage, the miniaturized hairs begin to grow to normal sized hairs.

The Suggested Protocol:
1- Twice a week for 2-3 months
2- Once a week for 2-3 months
3- Once to twice per month for 6 month

There are some differences in treatments’ results and patients will vary in response time.
– Less than 20% of the patients are EARLY RESPONDERS and see dramatic results in

first 3 month
– Less than 20% of the patients are LATE RESPONDERS and see dramatic results between 9-12 month of treatments.
– But most of the patients ( more than 60% ) are AVERAGE RESPONDERS and find the maximum results between 6-8 month.
Harvard Study Demonstrates How Lasers Can Grow Hair