Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of your unwanted hair. You will attain silky smooth skin without worrying about shaving cuts or ingrown hair that waste your time frequently that last only for a short period of time.

Laser light converts to hit and pass through the skin. It proceeds to get absorbed by the hairs’ dark pigments in follicles and damages the hair follicle to inhibit hair growth.

It is necessary to know that not every laser could work properly for you.

We need a specific laser beam with specific power for every skin type and hair specification.

Generally, light skins (skin types 1, 2, and 3) respond best to shorter wavelengths, like the Alexandrite laser, which is easy on the skin and effective on fair hair. People with skin types 4, 5, and 6 require longer wavelengths, like the Nd:YAG laser, to bypass the epidermis.

Some laser machines Like GENTLE MAX PRO come with specific cooling systems, making them MORE EFFECTIVE & COMFORTABLE.

This laser machine uses cryogen to cool your surface by spraying liquid Nitrogen before and after any laser exposure and brings you the MOST EFFICIENCY & COMFORT.

Laser is a good solution for Ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are one of the biggest disadvantages after shaving, waxing and tweezing. Often, they can cause infections like pilonidal cysts and etc. One of the best ways to get rid of all the ingrown hair is using laser hair removal. This method burns all inner and outer hair. Generally, fewer number of treatments is required since the laser settings are appropriately personalized based on every individual’s skin and hair type.



Pain Level

It is not painful if you choose a knowledgeable provider and high technology laser machine that provides appropriate laser beams based on the client’s skin type; That is very efficient and an up-to-date laser machine with high technology.

If the provider doesn’t choose appropriate laser beam or proper setting, your treatment would be painful, boring; especially, in areas where the hair is thick and dense, such as brazilian, underarms, and lower legs. Laser machines, such as Gentle Max Pro, have cooling effect-like cold air, cold spray, providing more comfort for clients.



Pre-treatment Information

1. Stay far from sun exposure.

It is important to acknowledge to stay out of sunlight during the treatment periods. The main goal of laser hair removal is to target the pigments in hair follicles and burn them to destroy the hair. For the treatment to be effective, it is essential for the settings to be closest to your baseline skin colour (your natural skin colour). For at least two weeks prior to any treatment, is a severe obligation to avoid sun exposure or any kind of indoor tanning, spray or cream. As the laser may confuse the pigment as the pigment of your skin or hair roots, sun exposure or tanning increases your risk of adverse reactions which could lead to burns, with or without scarring.

2. Tell your technician if you are taking any medication before all treatment sessions.

It is important to talk to your technician about any antibiotics that you have used recently before starting any treatment sessions. Not informing your technician could increase your skin sensitivity and result in burns that it will not be easily removed.

3. Do not tweeze or wax before or between sessions.

Shaving is essential before treatment sessions. However, tweezing and waxing prior to laser hair removal is highly discouraged. This is because laser targets the pigment of the hair follicle and removing the follicle would decrease the effectiveness of the treatment. Each session decreases and removes a percentage of the hair follicles at different growth cycles.

Shave your treatments area 24 – 72 hours before treatment sessions.Most importantly, for the first treatment session, it is best to shave 2 – 3 days before your treatment to allow your technician to adjust settings that best match your skin and hair type.

4. Do not use any makeup products when you want to get the laser

treatment; if used, remove all products completely before each treatment session.
Wearing makeup during treatments could cause pigment changes and potentially last for a while. Regularly, they will start to fade after 4 – 8 months if the burns caused are not serious.

5. Ask for a patch test.

Even though patch tests are regularly done for every client, asking for ensurement is encouraged.

During Treatment

1. It is highly encouraged to actively communicate with your technician during treatment sessions. You may experience different feelings or sensations in parts of your body which is completely normal. However, severe pain or burning suggests that the appropriate laser beam, beside the proper setting, has not been adjusted to your skin and hair type of the particular body type by your treatment provider. You will need to express your sensations and feelings if you do not feel comfortable throughout every treatment session.

2. Ask for eye protectors or appropriate goggles, even though eye protectors are provided for clients during treatment sessions, asking for ensurement is encouraged since laser light could harm your vision.

Post Treatment Information

1. After treatments, it is crucial to stay away from sun exposure and or tanning of any kind of indoor tanning, spray or cream and use sunscreen when you are outside, regardless of the weather, throughout the whole treatment period. Sun exposure or tanning can cause dark spots on your skin that will mostly fade away over time. Post treatment sessions, it is best to not take hot showers and perform severe activities that can cause sweating or increase skin temperature. This could redefine dark spots or even make the skin darker but will mostly fade away over time.

2. Swelling is expected.

You may be swollen after treatment sessions. Swelling suggests swollen hair follicles, also called perifollicular edema, indicating success of treatment. Swelling, redness, stinging, or itching can be expected up to 48 hours post treatment but ideally, these only last about an hour or two. If symptoms continue to progress longer, Hydrocortisone Cream or Benadryl Gel to alleviate any discomfort is recommended.

3. Clients should acknowledge that results will vary based on their skin and hair types. Each client’s treatment should be customized and adjusted based on their own skin and hair type. Coarse hairs, such as the armpits or bikini, may completely degrade over five to six treatments. Fine, thin hairs,such as the chin or sides or arms, are harder to resolve with laser and may take longer to degrade. The treatment is more properly called laser hair reduction as opposed to laser hair removal, as the volume and density of the hair is significantly reduced, but some hair follicles will be present.